Unifying Culture and Music

Manifestations are held in selected locations around Serbia to display historical and cultural landmarks, and themes adjusted accordingly
Each experience is curated to location and its history, and each event proved a different meaning – its up to you to discover what it is.

With visual and musical influence, WONDER festival is a platform that interacts with artists and culture and creates experiences that last for life.


Project "Galerija" Mall (Orange)

A project that transforms the city with its crossroad between river Sava and the old town of Belgrade, valuing the importance of cultural contents in the heart of Belgrade. With it being the largest mall in the region, this location presents a new chapter of Belgrade.

Besides its size and architectural accomplishment, “Galerija” mall provides a different experience, with its 300 000 m2, transparent roof, and various facilities that are only found here. Once you climb to the roof, you have a one-of-a-kind view of the Old Sava bridge and the largest tower in this part of Europe.


Project (Blue)

Coming soon




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